About the project

In 1514 Pope Lev X commissioned work on the project his brother Giuliam Medicejský. And at that time one of the most experienced engineers was Leonardo Da Vinci, who designed a water dredge.

In order to navigation, water streams have to be frequently cleaned, especially from the mud set on the riverbed. For this purpose Da Vinci designed very original water dredge. It consisted of a wheel with four bars, at the end of which the excavators were fixed. Whole equipment is placed between two parallel boats, thereby increasing its stability. Removed mud is deposited on a cargo boat attached to the backside of assembly. Manipulation of water dredge is very easy. It is provided by the handle mounted on the horizontal axis excavators. When rotate handle, the rope is wound on the wheel axis, by which the dredger anchored to the bank of river. This makes the whole device during its operation automatically moves.
Since it is still necessary to carry out dredging and other river adjustments in order to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the vessels, project DaReM has arisen.

Main objectives of the project are:

  • to ensure sustainable assurance of fairway on an inland waterway of international significance on the Danube River and mitigation of negative impacts of sedimentation in reservoir Hrušov in the range of rkm 1845 to rkm 1868,
  • to enhance the quality and safety of navigation,
  • to remove bottlenecks on the Slovak part of the Danube waterway,
  • to create conditions for the elaboration and appreciation of sediments in relation to the demands of the environment and the market.

Project financing:

Project is co-financed by the European Union programm (Connecting Europe Facility)

  • Total project budget: 9 750 000 €
  • Co-financing from the EU: 8 287 500 €
  • Project duration: 02/2017–12/2020