On Saturday, June 22nd, 2019, Danube Day was held at the Gabčíkovo Waterworks. The event is traditionally organized by VODOHOSPODÁRSKA VÝSTAVBA, ŠTÁTNY PODNIK (VV, š. p.) on the occasion of the International Danube Day in the area of the waterpower station. Besides the environmental program and many competitions for children, the visitors attended several excursions and were informed about the production of ecologically clean energy. The unique footbridge over the left Gabčíkovo lock was also officially opened to the public.

“I am happy that the people show a big interest in the environmental issues and activities of our company, and that´s why we have organized this event and opened the gates of our waterpower station. Therefore we opened an untraditional attraction for the public – the footbridge over Gabčíkovo locks, where visitors can, from a unique angle, enjoy watching the navigation process over the Gabčíkovo Waterworks and the upgrade of locks currently made by us“, said Director General of VV, š. p., and added that the aim of the project Upgrade of Gabčíkovo Locks was to increase the safety and smoothness of navigation on the Gabčíkovo Waterworks, and that this project is one of the biggest transport projects in the European Union.

Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic and its resort organizations contributed to the success of The Danube Day 2019 by their booths providing environmental activities and competitions for children. Besides the quiz on Gabčíkovo Waterworks, VV, š. p., informed the public about its activities and gave details about the current projects (Innovation and Upgrade of Gabčíkovo Locks and DaReM). Shipping on the Danube, visitors could quite closely watch the Danube River. The navigations were provided by the co-organizer of the event, Slovenský vodohospodársky podnik, štátny podnik.